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Spirit Cleomes


Introducing the new Spirit™ Cleomes—compact, colorful, and consistent! While typical cleomes grow to a lanky 5-6', self-branching Spirit™ Cleomes are a tidy 24-30" tall and 18-24" wide—no staking needed! They come in five cool pastel colors for endless design possibilities. Most importantly, Spirit™ Cleomes are vegetatively propagated and therefore consistent in growth habit and color. Brought to the industry by the breeder of Patriot™ Lantanas, R.J. (Jack) Roberson, Spirit™ Cleomes will quickly earn a place at the top of the new plants list. Available at Garden Centers Nationwide!

  • Compact Habit – No Staking
  • Attract Butterflies & Hummingbirds
  • Abundant 6-8” Blooms
  • Vegetative – Consistent Habit & Color
  • Bloom Mid-Summer – Through Frost
  • Pest and Disease Resistant

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Spirit Cleomes - Gardens of Glory

Spirit™ Apple Blossom


Spirit Cleomes - Gardens of Glory

Spirit™ Merlot