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Liberty Dwarf Cannas


Liberty™ Dwarf™ Cannas are the result of years of developing, producing and marketing an improved line of cannas. Cannas have come a long way since the days when they took pride of place in formal Victorian flower beds.

Sturdy, compact growth (3-4' tall) is one hallmark of the Liberty™ Dwarf™ line. Unforgettable color is another: Liberty™ Bugle Boy (PP#9154) issues a wake-up call with vibrant red blooms splashed with shocking yellow, framed by apple-green foliage; Liberty™ Scarlet (PP#9896) features 7", lipstick-red flowers, set against burgundy foliage.

Finally, Liberty™ Cannas are robust, vigorous and resistant to the problems that plagued the old-time cannas. For high impact and low maintenance, Liberty™ Cannas can't be beat.

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Liberty Dwarf Cannas - Gardens of Glory

Liberty™ Dwarf Watermelon


Liberty Dwarf Cannas - Gardens of Glory

Liberty™ Dwarf Sun